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Enjoy a Dazzling Nightlife at Various Nightclubs Near Holborn

Enjoy a Dazzling Nightlife at Various Nightclubs Near Holborn

This London Underground near the British Museum is ideally located in the district of Holborn at the junction of Kingsway and High Holborn. Hotels in Holborn underground offer you the best of facilities and the ultimate comfort zone as a traveler. While staying at these hotels, guests can also experience the vibrancy of the area surrounding the Holborn tube station. You can revitalize your senses by exploring some of the best night clubs and lounge bars around Holborn tube station.

The Den:

The Den allow the guests to dance and grove as this Central London based nightclub and live music venue is one of the best in the surrounding area. The club boasts of the state-of-art lightning and sound system with a legal capacity to hold around 800 people. It’s a fantasy nightclub and a great party venue for youngsters especially for those who want to indulge themselves in musical jazzy nights. The venue also attracts big names and is an important place where travelers prefer to come over again and again.

The Red Rooms:

The Red Rooms Gentlemen’s Club and Nightclub is ideally situated in the heart of Holborn and is an ideal preferred destination for those staying in nearby Holborn hotels in London. The venue featuring an opulent feel is a real oasis for customers those who are fun loving. Customer care and attentive staff are the prime aspects of this nightclub near Holborn. There are private booths and a warm lightning effect gives the venue an entirely different feel. Guests coming in can also choose from a VIP floor.

The Bloomsbury Ballroom:

The Bloomsbury Ballroom is one of the ultimate and London’s unique Art Deco venue that has reopened. The space turns this venue into a complete ballroom with the Crush and long bars attached to it. The venue comes in with its own catering facilities, sound systems and state of art lightning systems.

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