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Delightful Coffee Hideouts near Hotels in Holborn London

Delightful Coffee Hideouts near Hotels in Holborn London

London is an outstanding city for attractions, shopping, events, and cinema. But, once the day is done, you need to know where you find your favourite coffee. The capital city boasts plenty of hideouts where you can sample delightful cup of coffee at varied prices. An area such as Holborn is home to big branded shops, selling hot coffee made from best beans.

Settle down at hotels in Holborn London and be first to take a gastronomic trip down these coffee houses. From classic British cappuccino to hot Indian filter coffee, you can try all at these trendy establishments. Browse through these shops and cafes to sample some wonderful beverages in the area:

Pret A Manager

Coffee at Pret A Manager is meticulously prepared with milk frothing, butter holed creams, steaming, and stretching. Located in High Holborn, this café serves a wide range hot beverage including cappuccino, Americano, mocha, and so on. They create handmade, natural salads, sandwiches, and desserts to eat in and takeaways too.


Starbucks is a Seattle based shop, with its branches all over the city. They are famous among tourists for their 10 unique types of coffee including latte, mocha, and cappuccino. They serve a vast variety of sandwiches, cakes, croissants, and muffins too.

The Espresso Room

The Espresso Room is a fantastic coffee bar on Great Ormond Street, serving good quality cappuccino using whole beans from Square Mile and Hag Bean. It serves quality tea, sandwiches, and cakes too. This large central bar boasts chalkboard menus and on the wall, you will find a cubic display of whole beans to take home.

Piccolo Bar:

Piccolo Bar is the place to visit when you actually feel the need to have something delicious, as the places serves you with the best of beverages including coffee. Other than cappuccino, you can get sumptuous and a wide range of food.

These fine establishments near Holborn hotels give you an option to enjoy best of beverages, snacks, and drinks at any time of the day.

Take a Step Back into History by Visiting London Museums near Hotels in Holborn

Take a Step Back into History by Visiting London Museums near Hotels in Holborn

Tourists from all around the world visit London to see its royalty and splendour. But, if you wish to discover how the city evolved through ages, visit top museums in the heart of London. A central area such as Holborn invites travellers to see number of historic museums and sites featuring ancient artefacts. Most of these sites scattered in the area were built to restrain facts and figures from the past.

If you settle down at hotels in Holborn, you can easily walk down to these London museums for exploring these artefacts. These top hotels in the area offer pleasant accommodation along with great hospitality.

Stay at these hotels and enjoy a visit back into the history of the capital city of London at these historic museums:

Hunterian Museum

Located inside The Royal College of Surgeons of England, Hunterian Museum is home to preserved human remains. It also features one of the oldest collections of zoological, pathological, and anatomical specimens in the country. Famous surgeon and anatomist, John Hunter assembled these items at this site. Popular exhibits include surgical instruments from 17th century, the tooth of a megatherium, and skeleton of 7 feet 7 inches tall Charles Byrne.

The Cartoon Museum

It is a highly entertaining London attraction covering the development and history of British cartoons. You can find cartoons from 18th century until present day at Cartoon Museum. There are over 900 regular exhibits at this site along with events for both adults and children. You can drop into an archive and reference library here to satiate your knowledge about ancient British cartoons too.

London Film Museum Covent Garden

It is the sole museum in London focusing entirely on the history film industry in the capital. It also highlights the skill of filmmaking through a wide range of film props and amazing displays. Its grand opening exhibition, ‘Magnum on Set’ celebrates works from greatest photographers of 20th century.

Book an accommodation at Holborn London hotels and experience a world of wonder at these famous museums in the capital.

Go for a Shopping Adventure at Markets near Holborn Hotels in London

Go for a Shopping Adventure at Markets near Holborn Hotels in London

Holborn in London is a centre of tourists’ attraction. This fascinating area in City of London usually attracts visitors to its unlimited shopping opportunities. It is a shopper’s paradise with plenty of exciting markets surrounding it. If you wish to enjoy a shopping vacation in London to its fullest, book a stay at Holborn Hotels. You can select from an array of bed and breakfast, cheap and luxury hotels in Holborn for your holidays. These hotels provide you easy access to major shopping destinations in the area.

To begin a fun-filled shopping adventure in Holborn, visit Covent Garden, Smithfield, or Leather Lane markets. These shoppers delight are a melting pot where local and exotic goods blend to give you a unique experience every time you travel to London.

Have a look at what you can expect at these markets:

Covent Garden Market

It is one of the most fames shopping destinations in Central London, offering fresh, artisan produce at different outlets under one roof. Tucked away between Earlham Street and Shelton Street, Covent Garden Market offers a treasure of foodie delights. You will find baked goods, fish, meat, organic produce, and plenty of gifts and flowers at this site.

Leather Lane Market

For those looking bargains in London shopping, Leather Lane Market is an ideal choice. Located near busy road of High Holborn, this marketplace features traditional street stalls full of affordable bargains. You will find a range of items including fruits, vegetables, mobile phone accessories, rucksacks, batteries, and delectable food. Plenty of wholesale jewellery shops, cafes, stalls catering to lunch time crowd can been here too.

Smithfield Market

Smithfield is London’s Central Market, operating in Holborn from 10th century. It is one of the largest livestock wholesale markets in the UK. Tons of meat and poultry products including pies, cheese, and other delicacies are available here. You can drop in few gastro pubs in the market to enjoy nice pints too.

Stay at hotels in Holborn and explore remarkable markets in London.

Walk Through The Streets To Explore Leisure Around Your Hotels Near Holborn London

Walk Through The Streets To Explore Leisure Around Your Hotels Near Holborn London

Vacation is a way to relaxation. With so many leisure destinations available all around, travellers can choose to spend some time to relax their stressed out nerves. Walk through the alleys and streets around your hotels near Holborn London, to reach these spots:

Urban Golf

There is nothing like a game of golf. And the big and prosperous Urban Golf is going to be an extraordinary experience. This brilliantly developed golf club is a desperately rushed to, by the city inhabitants. Come here for a game of golf. You can keep yourself well fed with its hospitable staff serving you with fine drinks and foods. This golf centre is open throughout the week, except for Sundays.

Postman's Park

Postman's Park is a true touch of serenity, with a lush green nature and the memorials established to commemorate the martyrs who sacrificed their lives to save others. This park is worth viewing, with a sheltered wall in the centre and plaques made artistically with the Nouveau boarders. This park inspires bravery, relaxation and beauty at the same time.

My Chocolate Workshops

Attend the fantabulous chocolate workshops that carry you to the mouth watering and exotic varieties of chocolates. Soak yourself in a true delight to your senses and learn how to prepare Dutch Truffles, fudge and Praline.

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is an exclusive spa for ladies who need to revive life in themselves. Pamper yourself to ease your senses and remove the stress of a regular life. You can also snooze off for some time as the calming touch calms down your body. It is one spa where you will get everything from sauna, pools and spas with herbs. Only for woman, visit it to give a special feeling to your womanhood.

Travellers looking forward to relax themselves on their vacation can spend their time at one of these leisure destinations.

Enjoy a Culture-Filled Weekend at Art Galleries near Holborn Hotels in London

Enjoy a Culture-Filled Weekend at Art Galleries near Holborn Hotels in London London is a cosmopolitan centre for culture and art. It features few influential and comprehensive art galleries where you can explore its ancient past. The exhibits in these London galleries range from modern art to medieval and neo-classical works. If you are travelling on a budget in the city, you will be pleased to know that most of these galleries are free to explore.

You can book a cheap accommodation in Central London and enjoy a fun-filled vacation at these sites. Cheap hotels in Holborn will be perfect as they offer best deals on advance bookings. So reserve your stay at Holborn hotels and experience the city’s art and culture at these galleries:

Somerset House: Embankment Galleries

Located in Covent Garden, Embankment Galleries in Somerset House provide 750 square metres of space for exhibitions. Both Embankment West and East galleries boast barrel-vaulted spaces with a glass staircase, light walls, and hard stone floors. You will find varied exhibitions at this site including photography, design, fashion, and architecture.

National Gallery

National Gallery on Trafalgar Square is home to a wide collection of more than 2,300 paintings dating back from mid-13th century to 1900. It features some neo-classical columns and porticos, designed especially by renowned architect Williams Wilkins. Works on display include Monet, Van Gogh, Constable, Rembrandt, and Botticelli. Settling down at top Holborn London hotels gives you an opportunity to see paintings from early Renaissance to post-impressionist periods too.

National Portrait Gallery

National Portrait Gallery is the oldest art gallery in the world. It houses a collection of historically important portraits of eminent British people. You will find amazing portraits of Henry VIII, J K Rowling, The Beatles, and Sir Richard Branson. Few critically acclaimed self-portraits by Sir Joshua Reynolds, William Hogarth, and other British artists are on display too.

So, you can just book the best hotel in Holborn and start exploring these art galleries in London.

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